Someday, all of this crap would be memories. We might laugh or cry about it. It’s not really meant to be a sad thought. I guess it’s just the reality that we’re going to grow up whether we like it or not.

That’s probably the main reason why I take so many pictures. It’s because I want to capture the moment before it goes away. Not only the action being done but the emotions of people doing it. I want to remember those memories, whether it’s joyful or painful.

This blog would also be a memory someday. I don’t know what will happen in the future. It’s not really likely that I would have amnesia and forget this blog, but I can’t say that I’d be writing here forever.

Like all the others, he would be a memory too, someday. This “crush” would just be another person I would remember. I bet I’d laugh about the crazy stuff I do right now, in the future. Especially the crap I did during Valentines Day last year.. haha

I really hope my close friends right now would still be my friends in the future. They’re the one part I don’t want to change. I mean, yeah, I guess I’d like to add more friends along the way, but I’d never want to subtract. I know people change and life stops for no one, but when a friendship is true, I guess it would last long.

Ah.. all these projects and tests would also become memories. Same with late night crammings and procrastination. Hopefully, I’d grow out of it. Sleeping in class.. ZzZz

Basically, everything right now would become a memory someday and I want to remember it, whether it’s good or bad, because it’s how I learned and got over it. Pictures are taken to preserve memories and I really take lots of them. I don’t know if I’d continue this blog forever, but hey, I’m still here. He will be just another memory that I’d laugh about. Friends come and go, but I would never want to let go of friends that are still willing to stay with me through thin and thick. Lastly, school would be gone and real life would begin.




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