Why is it like this?

It’s almost the end of my sophomore year. Thank gods! I didn’t think it would ever end and I don’t really mean it in a bad way, it’s just that I miss summer :>

And with this end comes problems. The desire to become star section is only one of them. I am currently on the brick with my 2 close friends because I somehow messed up (well, I guess it was me, I don’t want to point). And I like a dude, as always, you may say. 

When section classification comes around, I want to be in a section that’s on top. I’m not saying the other sections suck or something but I want to someday tell others that I was in the star section at least once. 

I really hate getting into fights with my friends. But, it’s really not avoidable. I mean, my friend #1 doesn’t make an effort to hang with me, even if I do. So, I am trying to not think or try this week. And Friend #2, ugh..

This guy is nothing but a guy. Please.


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