Part 2 of “Questions about Love”

Haha. Since many people still have questions about this, I’m going to make a “part 2”. If you have any further questions, don’t be shy to comment it below.

Question #1: What would you do if you tell or admit your feelings to someone then because of that he/she treats you different because of being true to him/her? -U’12my5n93l

A: I’m guessing the “different” isn’t the good type of different. If he/she would treat you that way after expressing what you truly feel for him/her then forget about him/her. He/she is not worth your sincere love. They might have reasons as well, perhaps like, it would be kinda awkward hanging with you knowing that you’re attracted to him/her or he/she isn’t ready yet. Either way, both of you should understand each other and try to communicate.


Question #2: Should you admit that you have a crush on a person? -A’er

A: It actually depends if you have the guts to say it to him/her. I, honestly, cannot do that and salute you if you do. You should be aware of the possible consequences or effects that would come after the “confession”. A “once cutation” of mine actually did that and well, I ship him and the girl. 


I’m quite tired of asking people for questions about love and such, so I’m going to stop here. If there are more questions, feel free to ask 🙂




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