Learning When and How To Move On (Questions about “Love”)

This post is dedicated to everyone who had their heart broken because of several reasons like..

1. Crush doesn’t like you back or Hopeless Cause;

2. Friendzoned;

3. Crush doesn’t know you;

4. Broke up with Boyfriend; and

5. The “I-just-wanted-to-read-another-one-of-your-posts” people.


Just to clarify, I’m not really heartbroken, emo, or something. It’s just that I hate seeing people, especially my friends, crying because of these sort of things. Being a teenagers is kinda hard and sorts but we’re still young and people say that we usually find who we are during these years so.. TEEHEE!

Question No. 1: What would you do if you feel that your crush also has a crush on you but neither of you would admit it to the other? How would you escape or end that muteness? – BUSH
A: Well.. that quite a tough situation since if you’d be the first to admit and he/she denies it, you may be known as a “feeler”. On the other hand. if you don’t say anything about it, he/she might say that you’re “insensitive”. In my opinion, you should have enough guts to do something about it. It’s either you wait and keep being observant of him/her or you gather all your courage and speak up. 
Question #2: What’s your say about BROMANCE, SISMANCE, and, ROMANCE? -X44
A: Bromance is quite natural, really. When dudes hug, it doesn’t suddenly mean their dating, it means their bros and that’s alright. Unless, some dude’s actually in love with his co-dude, in that case, I respect you, dude. I’ve got nothing against that. It’s a natural thing to love someone. It goes the same to Sismance. Romance is when two (or more?) people love and care for each other. It’s not really synonymous to “love” but it’s something like that, I guess.
Question #3: Why is there “love at first sight” when there’s “love is blind”? -iDevilous
A: First of all, those two are about two different things. The first one is about falling in love at the first glimpse of a person. I don’t really believe in that since I believe that you should get to know the person before you fall in love. And technically, you shouldn’t “fall” in love because everything that falls, breaks (-Taylor Swift). The second one refers to the thought that no matter what your size is, how your hair looks like, your age, your face, etc, the person that loves you wouldn’t care, he/she would still love you for you. Now, that I believe in since the person you love should love you, not the way you look since that changes through time. 
Question #4: How could “love” affect one’s personality? -cx1727
A: It actually depends. Love could produce either good, bad or good and bad things. Assuming that it’s a love wherein two people love each other, it would make both of the people be inspired and feel loved. They’d feel more confident and giddy. But, if sadly, it’s the unrequited love type or something like that, it would make the person who’s loving more desperate, obssessed, sad, hopeless, etc.
Question #5: What would you do if your crush has a crush on you? -Anonymous

A: Haha. I’d love to be in that situation. It also depends, whether you want it or not. Most people would say that they want it but some would think it’s quite awkward. My general advice for everyone is to follow your heart, but take your brain with you. 🙂


Alright, I guess this is where I end my first post about this. But, if someone would want to ask more about it, comment below or something. 

*Questions are from real people*





Sorry if my advice didn’t help that much. :\



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