Don’t Worry..

I am happy, 

I hope you are too,

Life may be rocky,

But, tell me, life is easy to who?


It’s a fact that we must face,

Or else we’d still be living in caves,

It isn’t called the human race,

If it doesn’t have graves.


Live life well, as they say,

You only live once,

Take it day-by-day,

No need for heavy guns.


Life seems too hard to handle at times,

Because of reasons we cannot explain,

But, friend, trust that you can make the climbs,

If you stay on the right lane.


So, when times get rough,

close your eyes and breathe deeply,

You can be tough,

If you would only believe truly.


Believe it or not, that’s just the start of this post. It’s not the best poem that I have composed, but it’s alright, I guess. I like composing poems and such. Especially when I’m inspired or something. 

Life is a gift by God that we are responsible of. We are to make it a masterpiece. It is our work of art. No one should write it but us. We shouldn’t be afraid of life. It’s not trying to be scary. It simply like an empty canvass depending on us to make it wonderful. If you wouldn’t try to paint, you wouldn’t go far. If you’re afraid that it would look ridiculous, you wouldn’t have a strong self confidence and you’d mind what other people whom know not of you think. If you fear that you’d make a mistake while working on it, you wouldn’t learn how to deal with it and finish it. Believe that you can make it into something great, even if there are some mistakes that turned out to be lessons.

For me, it’s like a story. Not just another story, but a unique story that differs from anything else. A story wherein we are the authors. We may not plan the conflicts, but we can either rise above it or accept defeat. What would a story be like without difficulties to the protagonist? What, he/she would just meet her princess/prince charming and live his/her happy ever after? Now, what kind of story would that be? Even in fairy tales, there would always be a twist before the hero would get what he/she deserves. Life’s a book with many chapters, many changes that would be a part of the bestselling story. No author succeeds suddenly, it takes hard work and much courage to make it to the top. 

Like all the great scientists, they were mocked, teased, and insulted that they would never amount to anything. Did they give up? No. They proved to all the people that what they said was false. They made spectacular inventions that resulted to our world today.

A caterpillar lives it’s life as a worm. A living being just crawling around. It thinks that it would never be something beautiful and worth seeing. That it couldn’t achieve more in life than it already has. But, once it comes out of its cocoon, it becomes a butterfly so beautiful.

Simply, what I’m trying to say is that life is, for a fact, difficult for everyone, not only you.  But it shouldn’t be feared, it should be faced bravely. You shouldn’t depend on other people to make the choices for you because it’s your life not theirs. You shouldn’t care what other people say about you. Be confident in being you. People may call you “fat” or “ugly” or even “dumb”, but you can prove them wrong by developing yourself. Mistakes were made to be learned from. If no one on Earth made a mistake, where would we be? Just live you life well, according to your definition. 




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