I Ask for Forgiveness

See, this is what happens when I’m not really inspired and writing a new post, I forget to put some stuff.

So, yeah, I’m really sorry to the people I did something bad to. I know it’s not that easy to forgive but, at least I tried. I have a long list here, but um, I shouldn’t really name you because, well, it’s this WORLD WIDE WEB thing and it could have consequences. So, I’ll make you code names and just make a guess whoever you are.


Sorry for the stuff I did. I started like most of the fights and I’m really sorry for that. You’re a really awesome friend.



I’m sorry if I offended you. I’m not really sure if I did or it’s just you being matray and kidding me with Camella. If I ever did, I’m sorry for that. 



Sorry for the code name. I’m sorry for being kinda bitter to you secretly and publicly. I’m sure there’s some good part of you somewhere.



I guess I’m sorry for being kinda bitter as well. I mean, who could blame me (not that I hate you) but you should kinda be aware and sensitive of people.



Sorry for kinda being a bad friend to you at times. It’s just how I am. You’re a really good person and I shouldn’t abuse your kindness.



Sorry for judging you when I don’t even know you that well. I guess it’s my first impression that lasted. I hope we could like know each other.



Sorry for being a bad sister at times. I try not to be. You should try as well.



Sorry for a being a not-so-good daughter. I guess it’s this being a teenager of mine. 


Oder Pipol,

Sorry I can’t name you one by one since I have bad memory. I’d like to say I’m sorry for the bad stuff I did to you, in general. I could be really bossy and gc. 


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