2013, please be awe-morethan-some

2012 in 1 sentence, 10 words:

I could have done better but, overall, it was awesome.


Like any other year, it has its ups and downs and stuff in between. I’m thankful for the new friends I made this year and for the other blessings that God gave me this year. Regrets cannot be avoided, but that’s what another year is for, another chance. I’m glad that the world didn’t end last December 21. Changes were hard to accept, but possible if you’re willing to try. 



I don’t know would happen this year, like all the other normal human beings living in this planet called “Earth”. There may be some expectations I have in mind (might not happen though). I think all of us do. 

6 hours left before 2013 in our timezone. A new year, another 365 days of surprises given by life. This year is my year of COURAGE, the courage to change myself to be able to make a difference to this world, the courage to face my fears and the people I don’t really talk to, and the courage to find myself.

I’m really excited for 12 midnight. There’d be a lot of fireworks and noise. Medya Noche would also be fun, with my family. 

New Year’s Resolution.. lalalala..

Life may not be perfect, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Happy New Year!






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