This is called “Procrastination’

This is how I procrastinate. Writing another blog post, as usual. I don’t know how to get things done. I mean the Filipino script it almost done, I guess, but it’s hard to edit (especially when some of the props are unrealistic). I’m trying to do the compilation for AP but it’s kinda hard to research and then translate. I don’t know how to do a research proposal. And, I haven’t even started on my VE project. Hmph.

But, anyways, nothing that a good post wouldn’t cure. Hm.. I was planning to write something inspirational and amazing but, if it does turn out to be rather crappy, I tried. Here it goes:

You can’t just go with the flow in life, especially if you have dreams you want to achieve. It’s not like it would be given to you in a silver platter. To achieve something, you have to do something. You can’t just sit around and wait for someone to suddenly give you a medal. You have to earn it.

I’m not the best student, heck, not even close. But, I’m trying to do something about it. I don’t want not to be in the star section, again. I do want to receive at  lease one medal during my high school graduation (who doesn’t). And go to my dream university, University of The Philippines, Diliman. 

And I, obviously, wouldn’t go that far if I keep writing posts instead of continuing editing the script and stuff. So, this is farewell for now. 






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