The Dark Knight RISES

Oh.. my.. Gosh.

I just finished watching this spectacular movie. It cannot be described by any words. I am speechless. It made me angry, cry, swear, and more. It’s more than just a batman movie.

I can’t really explain right now. What I’m feeling is both amazement and confusion. I’ve never really thought of Batman that much. I started watching Dark Knight just yesterday and now, it changed me.

First of all, Christian Bale.. freaking hot! Hahaha.. no kidding. I have this um.. crush on the dude. Bruce Wayne is an awesome man who wants to save a hopeless city. He struggles getting up back there and yet, he does.

Bane.. well.. the whole movie.. I was hoping he’d die. I really thought he was the child of Bruce’s mentor, but turns out, he’s just HER protector.

I cannot believe Miranda Tate is the child of the mentor. I really thought she was perfect for Bruce. Turns out she was the villain in the movie.

I ship Catwoman and Batman. Seriously! perfect for each other.

Sorry for the spoilers found in this post. I am just really.. like.. 




One thought on “The Dark Knight RISES

  1. Great review. This film had me from start to finish and never let me go. It was the near-perfect thrill-ride I needed from this last part of the trilogy to be and only Christopher Nolan could deliver on that. I’m going to miss him directing another Batman film, but at least he can now go off and do some other crazy, original flicks.

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