Prince Charming

See, this is the horrible thing about love. Your brain chooses to like someone you don’t have a chance with. I mean, I don’t want a chance to be a girlfriend or something. I just want us to be like.. friends. 

The worst part? He’s my friend’s crush (and he knows her </3). I don’t want to be labeled “traitor” but, with his p e r f e c t i o n. I don’t think anyone could not not have a crush on him.

I met him because of my friend. She told me the story of their love story (as I would call it). I really would like them to get together. I’m not really looking for something serious or something. He’s just my idol related to everything. He posts this amazing quotes and he’s a super awesome person.

My paragraphing sucks but, who cares? I sometimes with life’s a fairytale and lalalalala~~

Okay, I cannot stand writing this post.. sorry :3




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