I Don’t Know About You But I’m Feeling 22

Today was… AMAZING! It was close to perfection. Thanks to my awesome friends and our craziness, they made this day really special. I’ll never forget that moment in time. I love them and their guts.

I woke up kinda late because I didn’t feel like getting up. I was really pissed the night before. But, I just had to. I got to the bus just in time (or something) then, felt really sleepy, but couldn’t sleep (horrible). When we got to school, I gave them some chocolate (as a gift) and they were alright.

I entered the school early so that I’d get to see my old classmates before we go (yet once again) our separate ways. I gave them their gifts and I receive their heart-warming thank you’s. 

We got to the um.. dome and everyone WASN’T there. Like, the important people I have in my list weren’t there. They were kinda late and all. But, still, um.. it was like.. normal?

Then, we went to our respective rooms. Ours was on the 4th floor so, normal. Then we waited like 30 mins-1 hour for the party to start. To be frank, the Christmas party inside the room was pretty dull. No music and not that much entertainment. 

We sneaked out a couple of times and I don’t know how or when we went down, but we did. And we had this crazy picture taking adrenaline. We took pictures with EVERYONE. My friend even got to complete her list of um.. people to take a picture with. My other friend got to take a picture with one of her two crushes. It was fun. We even had pictures with the teachers we liked.. AND JOLLIBEE!

But, I was sorta incomplete since I didn’t get a picture with prince charming (hahaha) but it’s all good. I hated that it had to end. My bus was really leaving me and I couldn’t afford being left. Tsk. 

And.. ZOMG! I saw this book in the NBS racks in our school..



and I really wanted to steal it there and then (since no one had cash :\ ). But I couldn’t! It’s out of stocks EVERYWHERE! Ughh.. I was |—| <– this close to owning a copy. :((

Well, in a whole, today was spectacular. I loved it. I thank everyone who made it special.




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