Journalism Thing

We were required to write something to be (possibly) published for the school newspaper. I chose to write a poem. Sir said that it should (suggestion) be about new year. So, I did. (I badly want something written by me published in the nucleus).


A Brand New Year

We watch television while waiting,

For an event that’s worth fainting,

Suddenly, a countdown appears,

For this brand new year.


As it reaches the number one,

I go outside for the fun,

I see the neighbors staring,

At the beautiful fireworks that are about to begin glaring.


I hear people shouting,

Blowing horns and everything,

I see colorful fireworks blasting through the skies,

As the sun begins to rise.


People leave their doors open,

The good luck starts to happen,

Coins are scattered on the ground,

So, that money could be found.


Families gather in the table,

That could possibly be made out of maple,

Delicious meals are shared with one another,

Thanking God, our father.


Reminiscing through the year,

Getting over some of my fear,

Remembering good and bad memories alike,

Changing habits I don’t like.


Finally, getting back to bed,

A brand new year straight ahead,

So much excitement in my mind,

Sorry sleep, you must be declined.







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