The girl behind the curtains

While watching a romantic movie, have you ever wondered if there was somebody else who loved the person that got his or her happy ever after? Have you ever been curious about the other people besides those lovers that live their fairy tale? I guess not.

I have.. at times. I’ve thought about a wallflower who liked the leading man but didn’t have the guts to approach him. Someone who was too shy to say “hi”. I guess a lot of people are like this. They just end up getting hurt and broken, watching their crush choose someone else.

You can’t blame the guy if he ends up with another girl because you never spoke up. No one could read other people’s minds. Although, in thought, being liked back would be quite wonderful. If the guy approaches you first and the like. But in reality, you have to act and do it yourself.

I sometimes wonder about the people whom I still don’t know. People who aren’t that popular at school. Hoping that someday I wouldn’t be like them. Hoping that I would make a mark in my life, not just pass through it.

I’m in High School right now, also known as “THE BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE”, and I don’t want it to be just a phase I have to pass through. I want to make the most of it. Learning everything I need to learn before going into college. I want to try different stuff, not to just stick with a routine the whole 4 years. 

I don’t want to be just another girl behind the curtains. I don’t want to be like Charlie who’s a wallflower (before he met Sam). I want to make my life as beautiful as it can be. 

“But how? How could you make the  miracle of your crush noticing you? How could you face the embarrassment and shame of talking to him?” you may ask. Well, my dear reader, my answer is “I don’t know but I’d find out.”




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