The Perfect Day

Imagine the “perfect day” in your perspective. Is it a wonderful day under the sun? A day filled with adventure and mountain climbing? A whole day non-stop food trip with your best friends? A day of reading a good book and relaxation? Well, today was perfect, for me.

We barely had any classes. The day was filled with programs and such. In the morning, there was this program related to “Boys and Girls Week”. It’s this week where students get the opportunity to take on the responsibilities of their counter part (i.e. Mayor, Principal, Department Head, etc.). My um.. friend’s crush is like “Boy Mayor” so, good for him. When I become 4th year, I want to participate in this event. It sounds like fun and learning.

Then, the time after that was lunch. I had eaten already so I was okay just walking around with people. I keep seeing this group of jerks (peace!). Well, we didn’t have Journalism so double the fun there. We had 2 classes and then the other program.

It was the end of “English Month”. I really like English and I participated in one contest, but I lost, so whatever. I wasn’t really listening. The important thing is that we didn’t have classes.

Our last subject was Music. Our teacher wasn’t there so, GREAT. I had time to talk with some close friends of mine. I really had a great time with them. They mean so much to me. I would die without them.

And the bus was uh-mazing. All the people in the bus I rode in were really nice and quiet. I’m comfortable with them. I like them the most in the bus. I just hope it would happen everyday.

Well, the day isn’t over yet. Hoping for more better days ahead of me.




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