On Homework and Crushes

Since I don’t have anything else to do (no homework!) I thought that I’d write a post. I like writing and stuff, so I chose to be in this Journalism class rather than Home Economics. I want to write something for the school paper next year and I’m really interested on a article that this 4th year wrote. It’s about the possible contradicting topics which are homework and crushes. I thought I’d write something that I could relate to more, so here it goes:

Dana goes online to check for homework that the class information officer usually posts in their facebook group. 

“Dana, why are you in the computer? It’s a school night.” her mother said. 

“It’s homework!” she said. 

As her mother goes out, she opens a new tab. She goes to her crush’s profile to look at pictures and his latest updates. After several months of waiting, he finally accepted her as a friend. 

He sees him online and stares at the green button for a while. She was surprised when her mother came to her room. She quickly changed tabs.

“Goodnight, Dana. Don’t stay up too late” said her mother.

She looked at the time and it was already 11 o’ clock. She checked the list of homework. She gasped because of the many assignments. 

Then, she looked at the people still online. She sees the name “Joe Chris” and she gushes all over again. She pressed it and the bar appeared. She typed a bunch of words and deleted it.

“I like you” was one of them.

She tried to do homework but her mind was still distracted by the fact that the other tab was on his profile. 

He went off. 

“But, it’s too ear–“

She checked the time. It was 1 o’ clock. It wasn’t early at all. She still had a bunch of homework to cram before daylight.

And she didn’t even have the guts to say “hi”.


Well, hahaha.. that’s it.




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