I suck for writing this

I am not supposed to be writing this right now since I have tons of stuff to study and shit. But, I have got stuff on my mind that I couldn’t shake off, so here it goes:

I hate being pessimistic. It ruins me.

I am pissed at some people who don’t know how to not mind other people’s business.

I hate people who don’t have the courage to stand up for what they want and think.

I wonder why I haven’t seen my “crush” for 2 days now.

I feel lazy and shit.

Alien and people are doing this CHEERING stuff so good luck to you, guys!

I am afraid of being abandoned by the people that I am close to. I’d die.

I still don’t know who my friend’s crush is. ugh.

Well, that’s it.




Oh.. and I’m thinking about opening this blog to people.. (once again).




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