We Haven’t Seen Each Other in A Week, When You Said You Needed Space.. WHAT!?

The caption is because I have not posted in this blog for like a week, so welcome back, me.

I’ve been a little too not over youu.. jk 😛 I’ve been quite busy this week. We just had this thing called “Carol Fest” at my school today. It’s like this class choir singing a Christmas carol and competing with other sections. And the other days were full of home works and the usual.

The Carol Fest thing was pretty awesome. I wasn’t that into it at first, but later on, I just went with the flow (not to mention I stayed until 7 pm just to practice for it yesterday). My section has been pretty awesome. I love them all. It might not be –insert first year section here– but it’s cool. It was a good fight and I think the reason why we were all happy when it was done was that we knew we gave it our all and because IT’S DONE! Yes, there were some quarrels and misunderstandings that went on while we were practicing for it, but, after all that, we came through. Too bad we didn’t get into the Finals though, but as I said, good fight.

Imagine an amazing and inspirational student being mayor for a whole week. Well, yeah.. better governing for a WEEK (not that I don’t like our city mayor). This dude is like the crush of my close friend in –insert 2nd year section here– and he’s completely awesome. He’s like super smart, super nice and super cute (c’mon, everyone thinks this). Congratulations, Mr. –insert name here–, you deserve it :D.

I love quotes (I am 50% sure that you know that) and this dude has been posting these super inspirational quotes since.. FOREVER. He’s like my idol when it comes to life. He makes it seem so easy and fun. He’s like perfect and saint-like (because he’s hole-y.. hahaha Harry Potter ROCKS!). So, yeah. I’d just like to give some credit to the guy by writing him a simple letter here. So, here it goes: 

Dear, –insert name here–

thanks for posting super awesome quotes in your facebook profile. You are an awesome person. I’d like to know how you deal with shit that’s like harder than the shit I deal with. Could you write a blog and I’d follow you? Hahaha.

-Sincerely The Girl with the Pen

So, there. Um.. I’m not sure if I’d feel like posting other stuff this weekend so, for now, so  long..





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