Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

I just watched Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my mom. We rushed to the ticket booth which had a long line. After a few minutes, we finally got to buy our card ticket thingy. We bought the basic snack necessity which were popcorn, drinks, hotdog-on-stick, and some smidgets from Dunkin Donuts. When we got to the cinema house, the top booth was filled. We had to sit at the second row of the middle column. There was only one trailer (Ironman 3) that was shown and a bunch of local commercials that I couldn’t care less about. 

Finally, the lights dim down and the movie started, I couldn’t say much about the movie since people hate spoilers (I know I do). So, here’s the top 10 “not” spoilers





1. Renesmee (is the spelling correct?) is super cute. I ❤ Mackenzie Foy

2. You would see Edward and Bella kiss (yick! but, it’s expected. Kids, close your eyes 🙂 )

3. You would get the chance to see Jacob’s HOT abs and body.. (OMG! ISN’T TAYLOR LAUTNER SO HOT!)

4. Cullens’ family reunion (with friends who would be witnesses) Oops.. was that too much?

5. Alice is gorgeous (and pretty clever and intelligent as well)

6. The wolf pack is back (I didn’t get to see Seth though.. in human form.. I got a slight celeb crush on the dude.. sshhh!)

7. Bella was born to be a vampire (she’s awesome at hunting for food.. but kinda had the code red one time.. HUMAN!) another ooppss..

8. Volturi’s joining the party (they still don’t have a car.. KEEP WALKING!)

9. Bella has powers of her own (SHIELD!) OOPS!

10. Carlisle di– MOVING ON!

Haha.. so there you have it some spoilers that might just ruin the whole movie for you (not really). I hit my maximum hyper level a while back so I’m not that in to writing about it than I was an hour ago. 

I seriously cried, laughed, and everything. A movie that wouldn’t disappoint you. I know there are a lot of twilight haters (I do hate twilight at times) but this movie is different. It makes me kinda respect twilight. My mom says it’s the best movie “so far” and I’m like.. mom, this is the last movie. :> 

Oh well, pro or anti.. WATCH THE FRIGGIN’ MOVIE!





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