Told you that the previous post wouldn’t be my last and in my defense, it’s my “free time” and chatting with people in Facebook isn’t really “socializing” so I choose to write something right now.

So, our Speech Choir Competition just took place today. For those who don’t know what that is:

And it didn’t go as well as we had hoped for. I’m quite contented with our presentation and all, but our conductors seemed to be disappointed. We’ve been practicing for weeks (we even spent a free MONDAY to practice for this) and we didn’t get in the Top 3 :(. It’s sad seeing our conductor, my friend, crying while others have fun and shit. I’m not that affected with our loss, but it sucks that she’s crying and people are talking trash about her. 

Ugh. I hate the sections that won (not really.. congrats!). But, I would’ve preferred if our section won. HAHAHA. That’s selfish and insensitive of me. I don’t hate you, people, but, yeah. I think all of the sections did their best and everyone deserves what they got, better luck next time, I guess. 

Oh, and omg.. I’m like Top 4 in our section in the 1st quarter! Yay me! HAHA. Not so friggin happy about this considering that our Top 1’s average is like 89.85. It’s obviously not good enough to be in the star section next year. I have to be the one on top of everything everytime to achieve my goal of star section.

So, basically, I hate losing. Yes, that’s right. I feel mad/sad if I don’t achieve what I expected. I hate disappointments. But, lately, I’ve been looking at a lot of quotes about this and.. stuff. 

Watching House of Anubis right now.. GOSH.


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