I Don’t Know!! >.<


I really don’t know what to do with this. I want to get mad cuz’ I love this blog so much and I feel that I’m left alone here, in this world wide web. This leads to so much confusion. I want to say that this is non-sense and she should just continue writing awesome blog posts, but, it does make sense.

I’m not the best people person on Earth, I’m probably one of the worst at the school. Huhuhu.. I’m dead. I really am.

I feel that I’m getting left by my friends since they’re making new friends while I’m talking to a computer.

This is a reaaalllyyy sad thought and I hate that. I ❤ you my followers and other people who read my blog. And I would never stop posting in this wonderful blog, but I’d post um.. less often.

Ugh. This would not be the last post here, just for a while, okay?

I love you all. You’ve been awesome and you’d see more of me soon. 😦



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