On Being Different

I am a lot different compared to other people. I like things that most people aren’t into, like writing. I don’t talk to people that often, but that doesn’t mean I dislike them. I’m usually misunderstood by people who don’t even know me and judge me because of my size and silence.

I’ve only got a few close friends whom I love ( a lot) and some acquaintances. I don’t like those mean kind that don’t give a damn about you. I want the real kind that are true and really care for you. We may fight often and stuff, but I’m glad I have them in my life. They’d side with me even if the whole world is against me, unlike some that leave you when one little problem arises. 

I hate this specific place that makes me feel more different than I already am. The people there are.. ugh. They make you feel insecure about everything. They make you think that your the WORST person alive and that you should be like them. It sucks so much, but I’ve got to endure it for 2 more years.

I want to speak up so that I could be heard. I want change happening in my life. I don’t want to be stuck like this forever, but that doesn’t mean I should change myself to someone I’m not. If they don’t like you for who you are, then ignore them. Life is too short to care what other people think of you. 




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