I’m Tired of This Same Old.. SHIT.

Imagine yourself going through the same shit everyday. Isn’t it annoying, boring, sad and useless. Well, it is and I want to change that. I’m tired of going to the bus and feeling like utter bullshit (sometimes, even worse) and having to go through it again 2 times a day (minimum of 2 hours/day). It’s not that I’m not glad that I’ve got the advantage of easy transportation and safety but, I’d like to be somewhere I could be me and no one would talk about me behind my back.

I know the usual thing that people tell me to do.. SPEAK UP! But they never tell me how! huhuhuh 😥 I think I’d give up trying to make friends there. It’s only like 0.001% of the school. But, it’s hard going through without anyone to talk to. I hate some people, I like some people, and I don’t know most people. 

Commuting is one other option, but my mother would NEVER allow it. She says I’m not ready yet. Ugh. I want to commute with my friends and go to places in –insert place here– and experience commuting with floods, rallies, etc.

*sIGHS* I just want this to change into something I could endure the next 2 years. I don’t want to live like a loner there for the rest of high school life. 




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