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IT’S NOVEMBER! No one could stop time from passing by. It’s already the 11th month of the year. There are only a few months before I become a 3rd year student. Shit. And all the 4th years that we know so well would be off to college for good. 

Many people go to their provinces and visit cemetery to pray for their departed loved ones on “All Souls’ Day” which is today, November 1. I just came home from visiting the cemetery with my family and relatives, We waited an hour and 40 minutes for them. but, it was alright.

Ah.. November. DST is going to start soon. I’m so glad for that. DST means that we get to go home earlier because there are longer nights and it gets dark earlier. We only got like 50 minutes per subject last year during DST, so, it was awesome. 

December is fast approaching. Any Christmas gifts in mind yet? Well, as they say, it’s better to give than to receive. I hope the world doesn’t end yet. I don’t really believe that stuff, but if it does end, I’d try to stay alive. 

Well, Dear November, please be good to me. 




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