Ahh.. another post about “crushes” you say? Well, if you are not interested to read this then, keep going because I want you to torture yourself be reading my blog post.

Anyways, “crushes” is usually a hard topic. People ask you who your crush is. what’s his characteristics and other stuff about him. According to me, a crush is someone you like for their personality and looks. It’s like an inspiration that could turn to desperation when not handled well. I’ve actually done some research about this matter and have concluded steps which are:

1. The guy’s cute but I can’t have a crush on him.

You just met or knew something about the guy and you suddenly think he’s cute. But, you think to yourself that you can’t have a crush on him for some reason. This step is rather optional in my opinion.

2. The guy and the girl are P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

You think a guy you know is cute hanging out with a girl and you think they’re perfect for each other. You may or may not know more details about their relationship but either way, it’s just the same.

3. Daydreaming.

This is quite a dangerous stage. You actually think that you could have a relationship or something with your crush. This could either turn to inspiration, sudden desperation or inspiration, then desperation. Good luck.

4. He could be my inspiration.

This is the suggested final step. I do not recommend you go beyond this. This is the stage wherein you want to change yourself for the better partially because you like a guy. You could really excel if you handle this stage wisely. If not, well.. here’s step 4.

5. He’s too out of my league/desperation.

You think he’s too good for you and you could never achieve his level or standards. You think hopelessly and desperately. You start crying because of him and shit. This level is unthinkable. Please, if you notice yourself doing this, STOP having a crush on the dude.

6. Regret/Heartbroken.

This is the worst stage wherein you regret liking or even loving the dude. You feel that your heart was torn to pieces and that you could never recover from such hurt. Well, you can and you should.


Well, those are the summarized stages of having a so-called “crush”. Currently, I DO NOT have a crush, thanks for asking, and I don’t plan on having one any time soon. For now, I’m going to focus on my studies and be me. I don’t need any other reason to be self-conscious. 

So, yeah, wow. Having a crush is hard these days. You could actually get heartbroken without even having a relationship with the dude. But, this is so true. Good luck, readers.





2 thoughts on “Crushes

  1. Good thing I rarely have a crush! I would hate to end up on #6. Does the incredibly attractive subway guy who I flirted with for a whole 2 minutes count, considering I haven’t seen him since?

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