I Have to Grow Up

I don’t know. I see people, my age, who are so mature. Like, they could handle themselves and here I am in front of the computer. It may not be a pleasing thought, but, that’s reality.

I don’t want to end up like my uncle who’s oh so (fuck, pinunasan niya na naman ako.. bullshit). So, yeah, he’s such a “role model”., sitting in front of the computer 22/7 (since the other 2 hours/per day he spends on smoking and fucking killing himself). He acts like a fucking child (10 years old). He disgusts me and I hate him. I know I say “hate” a lot, but, I really just hate two people, him and our old bitchy maid named Mela (a.k.a. The Real Life Bitch). My dad says to ignore that and remember that he  drops me off to the bus stop everyday in the morning and that I should be “thankful” for that. Honestly, I find no reason to respect my very “dear” uncle, but, he’s my dad’s OLDER sibling, so, fuck that.

Enough about that loser. I seriously think it’s time to grow up. It’s time to be more mature, wiser, and stuff. I really don’t know how to, but I have to, for my sake. I have to become more social and shit. I should act more and be more open to other people. 

Wish Me Luck :*


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