I’m not really a “people person” but I don’t hate them. I just choose not to talk to them because I have nothing to say. Some, I do chose to hate and ignore but, most of the time, I don’t talk because I don’t want to. I choose to write rather than express my thoughts verbally because I have time to think about what to say (unlike real life wherein you end up acting weird and stupid). 

I regret not talking to people that much now. Let me further explain this. I have to do this interview thing for our English Journalism. First, I thought it would be fun. We had this idea to interview our principal, Mr. Olivarez which took guts and an appointment. But then, we realized it would take time and we didn’t have that much supplies. So, we decided to interview our Student Body President, Mr. Joy Mendez. I volunteered to ask him since I knew the dude (Facebook) and I wanted to do something as crazy and confident as that. I thought that I could message him or something. Then, I saw him a few minutes later. Damn. I had this crazy feeling to ask him in person. I followed him for a while. Then, I dragged my friend with me and I finally asked him if it was okay to interview him next Friday. He said it was okay. Which made me feel awesome. I was excited for the interview the whole week. Then, I just remembered something. We had different dismissal times that day since there were exams. I told my friends and, well, we had to cancel. Fuucckk. Then, one the day. I saw him with “Alien” and Paul. I was with my friend at the time and we were talking about how to tell…

Wow.. it’s longer than I thought it would be. Basically, now, I have to interview my uncle. He’s ohkay. It’s just that. I’m not prepared. I have no experience in this and I need to do it again. Ugh.


Talk to people more often than you spend time in the computer. It would really help you in life.




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