My friend’s talking about prom.. ONCE AGAIN. I haven’t put much serious thought on it. I’ve always imagined my prom to be a place where I sit in a table with the other prom committee/organizers and just chat. I have not thought about who my date would be, what dress I would wear and whether I’d be attending or not. But, it’s like barely 2 years from now (17 months according to my friend’s calculations). So, here’s a sneak peek on what my prom would most likely not be like ( because life doesn’t care what I like).

  • Date: I DON’T KNOW! Hmm.. I guess I’d be going with my friends who are mostly girls. I know that the school would assign each 3rd year to one 4th year (opposite sex) for the entrance and stuff. But, I don’t want to have like a permanent date or anything. It’s hard to ask someone to go with you, so why bother?


  • Dress: I don’t really know. In my present weight, nothing would look good in me. I’d rather just wear comfy jeans and t-shirt, but I don’t think they allow that. So, I’m going with a simple blue long gown with sleeves (short or long). 


  • Makeup: I want something simple and blue. I don’t want it to be too fierce ,that I would most likely frighten people, or too normal, that my face would look like what it looks like right now. I want it to be blue-ish since it is my fave color and it would match with my dress.

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