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Have you ever imagined what if you’re crush that you’ve got no chance with, loves a girl that doesn’t love him back. Cause’ for me, I think this a lot.

Whenever I hear the word “lost” the post that I posted before enters my mind then I like say “Why feel lost when the person you’re attached to, loves you”. HAHAHAHAHA..

I know it’s a lot crazy but then, again.. this is one of the many disadvantages of stalking people, you get to know too much stuff about other people that doesn’t know you.

And this girl that never did reply to the boy, she wrote and article in our school newspaper about crushes and school. I can’t post the scanned copy since it has her name so.. yeah.. sorry :))

Well.. it’s basically about a girl that’s head over heels for a guy. It’s this usual dilemma that I may have gone through a couple of times. She sees the huge green button near her crush’s name. Then, she chats him like 3 hours or something, then she forgets to do homework and basically, forgets everything school related the next morning.

I don’t know the girl very much so I shouldn’t judge at all. I don’t even know why I’m writing this post right now. Maybe it’s because that she’s really lucky cause she was loved by the cutest.. CUTEST guy in school. But probably something went wrong or something. I’d love to hear her side of the story someday. But, I know that it would never happen.


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