Oh.. yeah.. that’s RIGHT!

I love writing in this blog and I shall never stop writing until my heart stope beating (even after then). I just had to abstain from writing since it was exams week. But now, IT’S SEMBREAK! Hell yes! I’m so excited for the AWZUM and LEGEN–wait for it–DARY things that I’m gonna do this week. I think it would be filled with blog-writing, gimiks with BFF’s and other stuff. 

And AAWW.. I’m sad that the interview with our SSG president didn’t push through today. Sadly, he didn’t read the very carefully written message to him yesterday stating that we had to cancel it due to stuff and how truly sorry I am. But, I do hope he’s free next week. I’d really love to interview him. 

The test was… OKAAYY I guess. I hate the stupid part where I didn’t get to answer 15 items in VE. Shit for that. But it went fine. I’m still alive, so I guess that’s good.

Well.. most likely.. this is the first of many posts I shall write this week. 


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