The PATHETIC Life of a Stalker

I just realized a while back that being a stalker is really sad and kind of desperate. It’s like thinking more about other people’s lives rather than just thinking about yours. It’s not living your life to the fullest. It’s thinking  about what other people say and do. It’s really quite sad. And to think that I’m one of those very sad people is just.. DEPRESSING. 

So, I don’t usually feel ashamed of being a stalker but, during foundation day yesterday (more details to come later on), all I wanted to do is to pair other people up and think about other people. Like, following other people, see what they wear, etc. I’m usually proud to be a stalker (a great one at that), but now, I wanna stop stalking and just “LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE”, you know what I mean? I mean it’s not a crime but it’s a choice between thinking about yourself or thinking about other people who don’t even know you. 


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