Cutest Faces? Rigghhtt

I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I’ve noticed that the people that are included in the “Cutest Faces of –INSERT SCHOOL HERE–” aren’t really that cute or incomplete. I’ve got some suggestions and since this blog is almost invisible, I doubt that anyone that goes to –INSERT SCHOOL HERE– would see this 😛 .

1. V__C_ S___L_A



Guess which one.. hahahaha.. shit. He should totally die for being insanely and illegally cute.. ehem ehem.

2. L_R___O M__C_D_



Not this best picture but.. WHEN YOU SEE IT.. SHITBRIX! He’s cute too.. hahahaha

3. LY__ M__S__O



He’s um.. Okaaaay.. hahahaha ALIEN! but my friend told me he’s quite cute too… I guess I wasn’t that blind!


That’s all.. These are suggestions.. If you are and admin for said page.. DUDE! you’ve gotts to add them!

BTW.. If you are one of the three… comment or something. DO NOT SUE PLEASE

(cuz’ I just said ur cute.. is that really bad?)


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