Science Camp

Just woke up from hibernation after I got back from Science Camp this morning. It was okay, I guess. I kinda hated the first part of it since I assumed that 2 of my district mates were jerks and 1 was a btch and that my shirt was u-g-l-y. But, fortunately, my mom brought my stuff eventually and I had time to change. 

Team Building was okay. I really didn’t feel like participating it actively. I can’t exactly participate very well with 25 members in the group, but I did survive it. I really (100X) wanted to be in my friend’s group since 2 of my friends were there and they had an awesome leader, but I guess my group was okay too. The ‘Picture Perfect’ game was alright. We had to pose for a certain situation, in our case, a court trial. 

I joined the ‘Amaz-scing Race’ because my friend told me to. It was awesome. It was more fascinating than the ‘Sci Games’. I had to crawl to my death, eat Ampalaya, make eggs stand still, and more. I didn’t help the team much on educational stuff like the constellations and science trivia.. hahhaha 

Gods.. summer cutation is back. He was my district mate and he’s not as jerk-ish as I thought he was. He looks awful when he frowns or, basically, when he’s not smiling, but I still think he’s cute. Weird? And ommgg.. VHZS was illegally cute. Like, almost as cute as Logan Freaking Lerman! Hahahaha.. 

So, I conclude that Science Camp was alright. Most people say that Math Camp’s still better, I agree. There may be ‘Slide For Life’ and ‘Rappelling’, but Math Camp’s still more awesome. 


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