Things that I want so Badly (right now)

I’m currently being haunted by stuff that I really (1000000000x) want to own. I see people who own the stuff and I feel envious. I may sound like a total spoiled brat but, hey, it’s free to dream, right?

1.An Original Jansport Backpack

~Aaahh.. It’s been killing me for months. I want a normal-sized backpack, preferably, JANSPORT. I <3333 their “tie dye” bag. I want the one below, specifically.



2. Nokia Lumia 900

~ When I first saw this phone, it was like love at first sight. It’s such an awesome phone. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Cassie, but, Lumi’s better!! *sobs*



3. Maroon 5 concert tickets

~ I love their songs. Not that huge a fan, but, yeah.. I WANT TICKETS!



4. Laptop (of my own)

~ I wanna have a laptop! It’s like.. this thing that I really want to have but kinda impossible to. It’s super expensive. If I do have a laptop someday, I want it to be Acer.




Well.. that’s pretty much all.. (for now).. hahahaha :>




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