Borderless World

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch Ms. Patricia Evangelista’s speech entitled “Blonde and Blue Eyes”. It was basically about Colonial Mentality, Filipinos who are working abroad, the reaction of people who were left behind by these workers, Filipinos who migrate to other countries, and the true meaning of “Nationalism”.

In our modern world today, Filipinos tend to choose imported products rather native products from the Philippines, watching international shows rather than national television, daydreaming to look or be like foreigners, and speaking foreign languages like English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Nihongo rather than speaking our national language which is Tagalog. This is caused by the influences of other countries to our culture, especially the countries that have invaded the country in the past.

More and more Filipinos work abroad each year, in the hope that they could earn enough or more than enough money to provide for their family. This is because of the insufficient number of jobs that the government offers the people. You’d be lucky enough to just get a job, not considering how much the salary is.

My dad is currently working overseas. It may be hard at times, but with communication via Yahoo Messenger or Skype, we get pass it. Some people are heavily affected by their relatives working in other countries. Some families even get broken due to lack of communication between members and the temptations that come with the sadness and loneliness of the one working in another country. The children of people working in abroad would usually feel deserted and lonely. There seems to be a piece missing in their lives, especially when they don’t see their parent/s for a long time.

Migration usually happens here in the Philippines. Families would get their visa and passport and move to another country. It could be due to their work, education, etc. They usually stay there until they are granted citizenship.

I don’t think anyone could keep track of their nationality, considering that there has been a mixture of nationalities for a long time. I am part Spanish, part Filipino, and more.

Beyond all of this, we are all still proud to be Filipinos. The Philippines is our home. Wherever we may go and whatever may be our different mixture of nationalities, we are Filipinos. It doesn’t matter. Nationalism is not about that, rather it is about what we give back to our home. Home is where you feel comfortable to be yourself. And my home is here, the Philippines.



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