Am I Weird?

Well.. once again using a pen and paper to express my thoughts. I’m at the bus.. pretty much explains everything. I’ve been thinking about this “be myself” thing in the bus since this morning. It seems like a good idea, I mean, hater’s gonna hate, right? But, I’ve never said more than 5 sentences in the bus, so I can’t exactly just talk all of the sudden. Plus, they barely talk about something I could relate to. They usually talk about dudes the “fancy” and girly stuff that I could NEVER relate to. I reeaaalllyyy wanna try to “connect” with them, but how? o.O They’re pretty, cool, and AWZUM..soooo… I’m at a lost right now. I’m like this LONER in the bus, as you know. It’s at least 2 hours of complete silence for me.

So, this pretty much started when my close friend tole me that a reliable source told her that my bus mates think I’m weird because I cried the 1st few days of first year! Well.. it’s pretty much legitimate, I guess. Since I couldn’t just “talk” in the bus, I have decided to write (some) letters to my bus mates.. Well.. here it goes:

(Will be posted later)




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