Quick Blog 08-17-12 11:25 pm

This is a new segment in my blog. It defines itself. It’s something I really need to blog about while doing something more important stuff. So here it goes..

Doing MAPEH homeworks right now. Gossh.. Journalism. I don’t know what to do? I need to be present during the actual video is being done but I can’t cause’ my mom would most likely not allow me cuz’ A. She would be at work and B. I can’t commute. I hate my groupmates except one of them that understands my situation cuz’ she can’t go as well. I miss talking to a person that would most likely be online during this time. I miss stalking with her already and it’s just been what? about 1 day and something? Basically, I miss her but I can’t let “me” talk to her.. 😦

Well.. back to doing homework. Happy Weekend and may the schoolwork be ever in your favor.


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