The Real Life Bitch

I HATE OUR HOUSEKEEPER!! I’M NOT SPOILED OR ANYTHING.. (well.. I may be.. sorta) BUT SHE’S A REAL BITCH!! I FUCKING HATE HER SO FUCKING MUCH! Oh.. so.. many times have I wished she would die the most painful death possible or just disappear to oblivion. She’s like.. not following my orders.. like very needed orders and when I say that she’s such a fucking bitch (not directly) she goes “Oh.. I didn’t do anything wrong.. I hope you get karma blah blah blah”. BBBIIITTTTCCCHHH!! Well.. she’s obviously gonna get the Karma. And whenever my mom scolds her, even just a little. She gets mad. BUULLSSHHIITT… So if you want a househelper like that. Trade please. I want her out but we still need a househelper. But if you know someone who has experience being a househelper with a good attitude. Comment Away.. 


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