Math Camp and Intrams

I have to somehow forget this stuff so.. now I’m gonna write about it.

So.. I imagined Math Camp would be awesome (based on the things people say about the past math and science camps). And.. so.. I joined. And that was like after classes on a Friday so.. yeah.. I packed tons of stuff for it. I brought 2 bags! hahaha.. yeah.. one for clothes and snacks and one for the sleeping. I must have looked weird, carrying 2 bags that looked real heavy. It wasn’t that easy registering for it. Like.. there’s a long line from the main to the amadome.. but yeah.. I finally got there. I saw my group was “Chi” and I was like.. sad since I didn’t have any classmates in my group. And after that, I talked with my friends, Bianca and Eleanor. And while talking with them, I was wondering if well.. maybe.. Eli was there too.. So I was kinda just going around with my friends and talking. Then I saw him and his friends hanging around too.. So.. I took the opportunity. I was videoing my friends but really, I was videoing him, like he was in the background. I made tons of videos that, are now gone (more details about that later). So.. yeah.. then later on, it started and I learned that Kuya Joy was my teammate. FYI, Kuya Joy is his BFF, so yeah.. SCORE! But I kinda wanted him as a groupmate but oh..well.. And he was group mates with Ate Anon.. and yeah.. she has/had a crush on him and yeahh..

Then, I have this really close friend, Aly, and she was like curious who Eli was. Yeah.. I think it went like that. So I decided to like let her know the face. So.. we made like a hot/cold.. thingy and she was just pushing me around.. hahhaa.. then, when we were really warm, she knew.

I don’t remember events exactyl.. good thing too..

And now I’m over the dude.. it doesn’t matter anymore!!

so.. yeah.. not gonna write na.. too lazy 😛


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