Oh.. hello there, Weekend ;)

I AM BACK. I love blogging so much that.. yeah.. I’d blog even if my blog post is horrible.. :)) So glad that EXAMS ARE DONE! and that I could finally enjoy weekends once more. I missed weekends. Like blogging tweeting, tumbling and the like. I actually have 123456789 tabs opened . Hmm.. there’s nothing much to say about this week and the past weeks except.. BORING! hahaha.. but seriously, this week wasn’t much. 

I guess there’s something about a realization this week. That my busmates aren’t so p e r f e c t after all. I saw one of them weep and I was like shocked cuz’ I really thought this girl is like perfect and had no problems or whatsoever. Turns out, nobody’s perfect. Some people are just good at hiding their problems from other people. Everyone cries, smiles, laughs, and well.. dies 😛

And I also realized that Bitch Flakes isn’t that much of a bitch after all.. who knew? hahaha.. but she seems to be a normal person with an actual heart. I mean, I don’t know her that well.. but I think I might have misjudged her a little bit. She’s um.. ALRIGHT 

Ohh mmmyyy ggoossshhh.. ComSci, AP and Intermediate Algebra were REALLY hard. I mean SERIOUSLY hard. FUUUU.. I think I’m gonna fail. I DON’T WANT TO FAIL!! Gods.. I really did my best on that. *sighs* well.. what’s done is done. The best that I could do now is learn from my mistakes.

Bus isn’t much alright either. A while ago, we had to wait for the 4th years to be dismissed before we could go home. Well.. I did get to see.. ehem.. but, UNFORTUNATELY, the prince was going to ride the bus too so.. yeah.. awkward much. I don’t hate the guy, I just dislike him. It’s like whenever he’s inside the bus, there’s a magnetic force/ gravity that forces me not to move, rather be nervous instead. I hate it. I guess cuz’ I had a huge crush on the guy. SO WHAT NOW?!?! I don’t care anymore.

I ♥ my friends. I guess I didn’t have much time to talk to them this week. They’re AMAZING. Both school friends and elementary friends. So.. I’m gonna thank them here..





~Jean Anne








~And a lot more..

Well.. going to tumblr for a while.. I’ll be posting a lot this weekend 😛


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