Something about my week

Okay, so I’m like super busy and I’ve got to do tons of projects and study a lot of lessons but I have to release some of my stress by writing about it. I’ve been writing some blog posts in my notebook but it’ll take too long to write right now so I’ll just post it some other time after exams. 

I pretty much understand the lessons but we had an (unannounced?) VE long test and I died. I think I’m gonna fail. I don’t want to fail!! And I got a 17/42 in a long test in IA!! FFFUUUU!! I don’t want Camella to get higher grades than me. I was so higher than her when we were in 1st year but now.. uggghhh.. I don’t want her or Rae to be in the Top 10!! I know it’s selfish and all but, I’ve got to be in the top 10, not them. -____-

Well.. free time is over. 




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