Last Day.. of the 4th week..

Wow! Still a long way to go before summer. I still got my head in the clouds. It’s been about one month and still I feel that Edison’s just temporary it’s all good.  I think I’ve got some real friends, fake friends and some people that I really dislike but pretend that we’re super besties.  I had just learned that skill when I was in 1st year.. it was required.

Cutations may also be very dangerous. When you start daydreaming and thinking about them, it IS very deadly. The rule states that once you think, daydream, tell people, look for and stalk a person, it is most likely that you have a crush on him or her. What is okay is thinking that a person is cute and that’s all.. BUT IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?! you may ask.. well.. yes, yes it is. I have been doing it for weeks now and well.. barely feel anything.

I hate that moment when someone whom you thought was dead over the summer comes back to your life and makes you think that you’re a total wreck. I’ve been doing good these past few months for someone who suffered the injury called HEARTBREAK.. But, now um… I see slippery floor everywhere! My heart says to slip and fall and that I’d be alright, but.. I had learned not to trust my heart that often last year. Whenever I see him, I go bizurk (REAL WORD!!). Like from this organized young woman to a child about to fall down while playing tag. He’s still significant to me but.. I DON’T WANT HIM TO BE! I want him to just be someone that I have to know since..well.. he’s um.. the prince. Like, I’d be like seeing him and knowing his name and that;s all. But, It’s not like that. TT_TT

School isn’t getting easier. But, I’ve almost adjusted to the fact that IT’S NOT SUMMER ANYMORE! Intermediate Algebra is a lot complicated but I’ve got a perfect score in the last homework so.. I guess it’s going pretty good. Geom’s also about okay.. Biology is confusing. Araling Panlipunan is.. (I don’t even want to talk about it) and well.. ComSci sucks..

Well.. that’a about it.. so um.. OVER AND OUT!




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