(I thought about it for sometime and I have decided that I will not post the supposed blog post before this which was supposed to be titled “Gods” due to it being too personal and too revealing.)

I feel so.. um.. out of place? I think that doesn’t even come close to describing what I feel whenever I’m inside “THE BUS”. I feel sadness, regret, hatred, envy, shy, silent, OP and well.. basically, I’m a total pessimist inside the bus. I actually don’t like riding here (yes, I was inside “THE BUS” while I was writing this in my notebook), but this is my only easy option in going to school and getting home. It seems hard to commute, hard yet fun.

People inside the bus are perfect (i.e. Rosie Belle, Ella, Noma, Ast Rud, Lay, J Belle, etc) I often compare myself to them and end up feeling sad and envious. Now, the 7th graders are closer to my busmates than I am, so I feel regret, that I shouldn’t have been silent during 1st year.


*to be continued*


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