Muse Ik Class

I’m feeling very.. um.. sleepy and uninterested. I’m not really a fan of music. I don’t like learning music but I love listening to music. Class is almost OVER and well.. next week! I need more studying. It seems hard. Thinking about someone, I can’t lie, but avoiding to think about him (It’s too complicated). Too much notes.. ugh.. Class is over. EXTENDED!

*Bell rings*

Anyways, back at the bus. People are super quiet over here. Thinking about how.. um.. ugh.. I’ve been teasing my close friend about her crush a lot and um.. etc. Well, I won’t tell you the WHOLE story but it did end with an.. epic fail.

I destroyed the bus! Gods! Seriously. I walked away out of embarrassment. Today, our bus driver told me that my mom would have to pay. But, thank God, he was just kidding.

Taylor Swift is awesome! Hahaha.. random topic but her song “Back to December” is playing right now.


Memories. I miss 1st year but hate the fact that, because of one guy, I failed to succeed. If I didn’t fall for him, I could be in Kepler or Marconi right now. My dreams, CRUSHED. I want to go back in time and do better. Fvck. I want to literally cry. My huge mistake. I don’t want that to happen again! That’s why I will not have a crush this year. Promise. I’m gonna try my best this year. 2nd year is a lot hard but anything is possible if you’ve got enough guts. I just need the help of my walking talking scientific calculator mom.

Speaking of my mom, I want to tell her everything. I used to, but, as I grew, I became more discreet. I want to tell her all about everything. But it isn’t that easy anymore. She might reply disappointed. I know I was stupid.

Going to sleep!




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