Last Day… Of the First Week… Of 2nd Year.

I can’t believe that 2nd year is just beginning. Most people say that it’s the BEST year in high school. At first, I’m like “Bring it on” but now, I want it to friggin end.

Don’t get me wrong. Edison’s awesome but, I miss Euclid a lot. People in Edison don’t and might never understand me. They’re like all smart, even Camilia. Most people don’t care if they only got passing grades, but not me. I want to be in star section next year. I’d do anything possible to reach that. Swear. It’s been my dream to be in the star section EVERY year! But I failed to do so last year. I won’t write the long story, again. So.. it’s like just below this post. Now, whenever I see students from the star section like Ast Rud, Rosie Belle and Racz, I envy them. Even the student that Tito Lui thought was me got in. -_-. I’ve got to stop doing that and just do my best, I know, I know. But, I’m still stuck.. well.. I just heard my um.. busmate.. but whatever. Anyways, I’m still stuck in the past.


Feeling sleepy. Imma sleep and just.. continue this while posting this.

( I didn’t continue it.. TEEHEE!)





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