1st Day Of School

I’ve kinda stopped writing here since school has started. I am writing this today, June 6, but will post it during the weekends. It’s been a lot stressful and hassle at school. I’d probably be studying or researching while posting this. So much to do, so little time, they say. I’ve been chosen to be the leader by my groups in English and MAPEH. Which is a lot stressful than you think, so much pressure, especially in MAPEH. And I’ve got a lot of homework every friggin day. I also have a lot of lessons to study, if I want to excel in class, which I do. Quizzes are just everywhere and this is just the 3rd day. I think there’ll be much more to come tomorrow and on Friday. I don’t even know if I could attend Pat’s surprise party, but if I do, thank you future me. So.. some stressed was released by these words. I ♥ writing.

I’ve been trying to forget hi, but considering that I see him EVERYDAY! It’s hard. But I’ve been doing good progress for someone who fell. I’ve been a coward. I even hid my head at the back of my bag which was in my lap when he was in front of me. 

I’m in the bus right now seeing poor people begging… It’s just so sad.

My friend and I talk to each other now but she’s in another section and hangs often with her group of friends.

Socializing at the bus progress 0%

It’s like I’ve been isolated since I’ve been in the bus full of 7th graders. I don’t know if I could still like talk to them, normally, since I’ve been quiet since 1st year. Plus, I know what they’re saying behind my back and my past failure/mistake. I hate it a lot but.. It think it’s a fact. Anyways, I’ve got um… let’s say more friends in Edison compared to the friends  I had during the 3rd day of school last year.

 I hate my insecurity. I’m fat, full of pimples, ugly, and darn.. ugh.. I shouldn’t be thinking like that.




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