Close your eyes and…

I just went to some resort in Laguna (forgot the name) and had fun swimming there. That was my first time to go swimming this summer. It was fun and awesome. Swimming around, here and there. 

I also tried to slide to the pool (for the first time). I was terrified. The slide was about 9 feet from the pool and.. I was so friggin scared. My first time was lame and wimpy. I held the handle the whole time, and slid slowly. I stopped in the end of the slide and just let go. But the 2nd time was exciting. My dad told me to just hold my knees and just slide. I was still terrified but I wanted to do something thrilling. So I closed my eyes and just put my hands on my knees. Good thing I remembered to deep breathe before I got to the pool.

So yeah. Sometimes you gotta just close your eyes and jump/go with the flow. Being on the safe side isn’t always a thrill (it never is). So try something new and fun. Hey, you might enjoy it. 




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