Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number. So call me maybe :>

Haha.. I’ve been bored and uninspired this couple of days and I’ve been listening to this song ^ so much that it’s literally stuck in my head. I like the song, but don’t really get it that much. But it has a nice tune though.

So.. life’s been pretty hard lately. Gym is pretty much like hell, but yeah, I get through it. Just have to avoid bad, hopeless thoughts. My close friend and I seem to be quiet with one another..Aww.. I miss her.. a lot. I hang out with my bestfriends as much as often. Plus, summer’s about to end..

I am currently experiencing hell, as stated above. I hate going to the gym. But I know, it is good for me and it’ll pay of in the end. But sometimes, I feel that it’s hopeless. I have to not lose hope and faith on this. I need to do this, for my sake and health.

This friend of mine is like reaally close with me. We tell each other everything and anything. She knows my past crush and I know hers. But, lately, things have been quite awkward and confusing between us. She’s like a realistic person that hates alot. But she’s awesome as well. I think she’s just having a tough time or something so I try to shut up and just give her some space (cuz’ I could be real annoying at times).

My bestfriends have been my bestfriends since we were like Grade 6. We share both happy and sad memories with one another. I want them to be in my life for a very long time. Well, until we die, to be exact. Nothing beats friendship, even differences. So even if we’re not the perfect people, I still love them alot. 

School. School. School. School. And School. I think I miss school, but I don’t mean the studying and all. I mean the friends and stuff besides studying. I wanna be better in Math this year and be good at socializing with people. I barely talk at school, especially at the bus. I just want things to change. I know it would be hard. I mean, no one said that life would be easy, you know. 

So, there. Those things have been my thoughts for the past few days..




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