Just this guy…

Okay, I’ve said that I’m over this dude I liked, but I’ve gotta let go for sure. I’m gonna see him again this June and I just want to be positively sure I’m over him. 

I met him at school. He’s like older than me. I see him like everyday. I think he’s perfect, nice, cute, smart and well.. yeah, perfect. I’ve like promised myself that I won’t fall for this dude because my “friend” likes him, alot. So when I first saw him, I played cool. 

I just stopped liking my past crush because of some reasons. He’s kinda hard to forget too. But considering I don’t see him that often, well, yeah.

Months afterward. I started thinking that my “friend” and him were perfect for each other. I began telling my mom (worst mistake ever) and she began teasing me that I like the dude and I was like “Noo..”. I did that, actually, everyday. 

Then, it happened. I started liking the dude. When I see him, it just brightens up my day. That’s kinda weird since we don’t talk that much. The only conversations I actually had with him was when he offered me some chips and a glass of soda (which I turned down) and when he accidentally closed the door when I was about to go out ( He said sorry). I’m not that social so, It’s kinda normal for me to have very little conversations with people but, considering I _ _ _ _ed the dude, It’s weird.

I think the “crush” thing just got worse when he sat beside me. Like, yeah. Then, Sports Fest and Camping event came, and it just grew deeper. 

Then, I started thinking that he was so “out of my league” and that just made me feel so bad about myself. I hated it. I began crying a little and thinking I could never be “good enough”. 

Then, I started to change a little. I started a diet, playing badminton, fixing my hair more and etc. He kinda sorta became my inspiration. During December, he’s the reason why I could get up from bed and go to school. I don’t know why.

Then, he became an obsession, yes, Obsession. I started not focusing in my studies and other bad things. I needed to change but, somehow, I couldn’t.

So, now, I didn’t get my goal of the star section. But I was so close. That’s why I swore that I wouldn’t have a crush this year. No distractions anymore. I can do this.

So folks, that’s the whole (well partial) story of the dude that I fell for…




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