I’m not crazy.. I’m just a little unwell.. I know right now you can’t tell..

I just feel that no one could ever understand how I feel, like I’m different. I know my mom wouldn’t relate to what I’m going through and would probably end up scolding me or something. I don’t want to have awkward talks like that anymore. Yes, when I was a child, I used to love just chilling with my mom but now that I’m about to be 14, I don’t anymore. I do miss her, the old Elaine, but she’s growing up.

I’ve got a lot of flaws in my life. I try to cover it up with some makeup or something, but it never goes away. Yes, you’ve guessed it, my FATAL flaw is that I want to be p e r f e c t. I know it’s impossible but, I still want it though.

I hate being quiet, fat and u-g-l-y.. but, that’s me. I need to fix it. Yeah.. I’ve started going to the gym.. (Sshh..) But, it hurts when you see that you’ve just been exercising for a few minutes and you’re already exhausted. I end up thinking, it’s hopeless. But no, I won’t let it get to me. I can still fix this.

I think you find and create yourself during the so called “Adolescence” period. Change is normal, I guess. It’s the time to experiment and just jump, try something new and challenging. Enjoy yourself while doing it too.

Try being creative and optimistic. It never helps being pessimistic. Dance, sing, live life to the fullest. Looking at the world with an open mind.

Never change yourself or pretend to be someone you’re not. It never works out. Just be yourself. And in case, you don’t know who that is.. (like me).. find out for yourself..





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