Superheroes (The Avengers)

Everyone who’d believed in superheroes when they were kids, or even now, had an awesome childhood. They believed that someone could and would save them in their time of need. Someone who could, save them, a bat-like man perhaps, or a man with huge muscles and an “S” in front of his suit. They trusted that someone WILL be there. They weren’t pessimistic and hopeless. They believed. 

I hope no one would suffer the sadness caused by not believing that someone could save them. They’d just be hopeless and sad in the time of need. I couldn’t imagine a world that isn’t familiar with any superhero. I think everyone’s hoping to find one. One that could save them. 

I loved the movie, The Avengers, because it showed that, besides the awesomeness of movies nowadays,  that there are still superheroes today. Someone you could believe in. The teamwork they showed even if they’re so different from each other is very touching and.. well.. basically awesome. They all had differences that could cause hatred and fighting between them, but they ignored it, to save our planet.

Loki       was very clever though. Acting like a king for he wanted power and most importantly, vengeance. He hated his brother, Thor, for he was the great son of his father. He was praised for his strength and power. Loki envied him so much. And when their.. well.. Thor’s father died, Thor got the power and the glory, while he, got nothing. He vowed he would take his revenge, and he took his revenge to planet, Earth. 

Damn, lost my inspiration to write.. Well..


*To Be Continued*


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